Tunnel Sensors range of tunnel monitors are supplemented with a variety of accessories designed to assist with installation, operation and maintenance and to ensure optimum performance and reliability.

TSCU Operator Interface

Universal operator interface compatible with the TSL range of instruments for local visual display of readings, fault warning or alarm conditions plus multiheading capabilities



Calibration Checking

A range of of optical filters and reference gas cells to enable routine calibration checking of the TSL instruments.



Operational Accessories

Additional items such as ready-made power /comms / output cables; PSU and termination units plus associated installation accessories such as mounting brackets, extension sight tubes and weather covers.


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Vassilis Moustaferis
New Alert ICT Systems, Greece

Tunnel Sensors



The ECOM is a compact electrochemical gas
sensor suitable for continuous monitoring of CO
within ambient environments.


The ENOX is a compact electrochemical gas
sensor suitable for continuous monitoring of NO2
within ambient environments.


The AIRFLOW offers a rugged, non-contact solution for the universal requirement to monitor air velocity and direction in the tunnel.