Tunnel Sensors to exhibit at Gulf Traffic.

Tue 27 Sep 2016

  Tunnel Sensors are delighted to announce that we will be exhibiting our range of tunnel lighting and ventilation control solutions at the Gulf Traffic exhibition, Dubai , November 13 – 15 2016. We invite attendees to visit our stand … More

VICONOX Solution Installed in Malaysia’s Menora Tunnel

Fri 29 Apr 2016

Advanced Industrial, Tunnel Sensors Malaysia Distributor has successfully installed 4 sets of TSL VICONOX-5 -combined visibility and pollution monitors – into the 1,000 meter long dual-bore Menora Tunnel. Advance Industrial Solutions Sdn Bhd designed and installed a closed loop system … More

New Product Alert – VICONOX-0 Visibility Monitor

Thu 24 Mar 2016

Tunnel Sensors launch VICONOX-0, a visibility monitor designed to replace the existing VIPA solution. By replacing VIPA with a visibility only VICONOX solution, Tunnel Sensor customers will benefit from a number of design enhancements that help make VICONOX simpler to install … More

New Product Alert – LUMIOS MkIII Luminance Photometer

Fri 28 Mar 2014

Tunnel Sensors releases the third generation luminance photometer, the LUMIOS MkIII, designed specifically for use in tunnels. As with previous generations, the LUMIOS MkIII uses a specially designed, highly light-sensitive photocell, filtered to provide a spectral response close to that … More

New Product Alert – VICONOX NO2, NO, CO and Visibility Monitor

Thu 27 Mar 2014

Tunnel Sensors proudly launches its newest tunnel monitor, the VICONOX Combined NO2, NO, CO and Visibility Monitor. More and more modern vehicles emit less and less CO so there is a growing international requirement to measure the level of both … More

New Product Alert – ECOM Electrochemical CO Monitor

Mon 17 Mar 2014

Tunnel Sensors introduces its first electrochemical gas sensor for the tunnel market, the ECOM Electrochemical CO Monitor. Designed for in-situ monitoring in tunnels or similar confined spaces, the ECOM Electrochemical CO Monitor uses an electrochemical cell to measures the concentration … More

The 2nd “Tunnels and ITS” Symposium, Norway

Sun 1 Sep 2013

Tunnel Sensors will be attending the 2nd Tunnel and ITS Symposium in Bergen Norway from the 18th – 19th September.   This second international symposium is organised jointly by the Norwegian Public Roads Administration and ITS Norway and will focus … More

AQE 2013 – a Huge Success!

Thu 11 Apr 2013

DynOptic Systems was recently selected as one of the top 10 exhibitors at The Air Quality and Emissions Show (AQE), held in Telford, 13th-14th March. Continuing the company’s strong tradition of new and innovative products, DynOptic exhibited for the first … More

New Product Alert – LUMIOS MkII Tunnel Luminance Photometer

Thu 28 Feb 2013

Tunnel Sensors launches the next generation luminance photometer, the LUMIOS MkII, designed specifically for use in tunnels. The aim of road tunnel lighting is to ensure that traffic can approach, travel through and leave a tunnel safely, both during the … More

New Product Alert – VNOX NO2 and Visibility Monitor

Mon 31 Dec 2012

Tunnel Sensors launch their VNOX Combined NO2 and Visibility Monitor designed specifically for use in tunnels. Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) is produced as a direct result of engine combustion and is emitted from the tailpipes all types of vehicles. NO2 is … More

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Tunnel Sensors


The LUMIOS MkIII measures the level luminance, or brightness, at tunnel portals to ensure that the visual perception of drivers is maintained, both day and night.


The AIRFLOW offers a rugged, non-contact solution for the universal requirement to monitor air velocity and direction in the tunnel.


The VICONOX provides a total monitoring solution
for the measurement of NO2, NO, CO, visibility
and temperature within traffic tunnels.